There is a lot of in-depth analysis and discussion about how Apple is going to deal with a perceived saturation of the expensive, high-end of the market (i.e. $600+), most intelligently by Benedict Evans (as usual). 

This has fed the speculation, and rumour-expectation, of a low cost iPhone this Dec quarter with a greater targeting of Asian customers. (again, see Benedict's blog).

Tim Cook addressed the issue with an unsurprising denial during the Q3 earnings call saying "I don’t subscribe to the common view that the higher end, if you will, of the smartphone market has hit its peak”

At the same time, Apple is taking some heat for its "This is it. This is what matters." ad spot. 


The criticism highlights the prominence of experiencing a product, rather than the product enabling an experience for the people. Once you start to see it, it is indeed hard to miss.

I think its fairly clear that the two issues are tightly aligned. 

Apple's goal is to move beyond high (or medium or low) markets. It is to make their products completely necessary - the most important thing you can own. To make the iPhone and iPad so essential, such a natural companion during any human interaction that the price doesn't matter for people. They will pay for it at the expense of everything else.

The sole objective is for the product to rise up everyone's priority list. And I think its going to work.

When people talk about mobile disruption, everything going mobile, etc., this is what it really means.

Your mobile is the most important thing in your life. Without it, you have no life.

(note: for more amusing subtext analysis of the ad, see here)