This pussy riot thing is fascinating... it looks so loose and unserious but it is extremely potent. this is what revolution starts like. the occupy movement was a fuck up but like a kid learning to ride a bike it had the basics of something. anger and revolution don't look like they did before, they are cross platform now, they are digital and they do not need any thing specific to rally around, they are fluid. but there is not just anger now but a complete understanding that the authority and 'establishment' don't get it. of course every generation of young people think this, but this is one of those rare times where it is actually true. Russia looks like a fool. they look like old men trying to outlaw dance music or outlaw youth slang. the biggest issue is that the establishment / authority world is completely in the shit and offers absolutely nothing to the young. nothing. how they/you/we managed to be so stupid to not keep that great marketing force of 'you can have this wonderful life if you just keep in line and do as your told' in tact is amazing. I thought they/you/we were great at marketing.