Lucity is a studio exploring the opportunities and risks of the convergence platform. We work with technology, media, communications & retail clients.

We provide mobile-focused insights, strategy, design and development services. 



Learn what's going on

Insights into what drives behaviour is crucial for building successful products and services in our mobile, information soaked culture. 

We use deep data analysis and ethnographic research to understand how convergence is affecting people's motivations, decisions, and behavioural triggers.

We output quick custom Trend & Landscape reports as well as months-long deep research projects to uncover new perspectives.


Product Strategy

Decide what to do

The best strategies are a balance of creative ideas and hard data analysis. They thrive within constraints and are defined as much by their exclusions as inclusions.

We specialise in determining how mobile, convergence, and context affects existing product and service strategies, finding new opportunities, and risks.

We output strategy reviews through the convergence lens as well as full service strategic planning.

Design & Build

Create a solution

Products and services are increasingly being shaped by the context of their use.  

We believe in a future where product and service experiences are designed around people, encompassing both their physical and digital lives.

We output cohesive multichannel product and service designs and development including service ecology and customer experience mapping, high level prototyping, and full UX deliverables.